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EP1C12F256C7 Datasheet | Altera Corporation
Part No. : EP1C12F256C7
Description : Cyclone FPGA Family
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Page Number : 94
Manufacturer : Altera Corporation
File Size : 1060 Kb

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"Through the rhythm of light and shadow touches the hearts of users," phrase from designers interpretation of Asus, I believe each side from the U series through the viewer, can understand during the natural meaning. The U1, U3, respectively, the removal of the German Red Dot Award 2007, iF Design Award Chinas glory, but also from the authority of the height of their creative design ideas to be sure. Dai black pure U1, U3 black and white double selection, as well as U6 radiation psychedelic purple shimmer mocha ... ... ASUS U series is like an insight into the secrets of the magician color, easy to put the classic and fashion interpreted superb. The most curious is that those in the U6 in a shimmering mocha rich particles, what is the special glitter coating in the inner layer, or there is something wrong? Eventually, Asus said Zhao Ming, senior design director of the bionics storage ideas, unveils the dim light of this incredible fiber panel: "Nature as new products is undoubtedly an important source of inspiration, have a colorful appearance of many organisms brilliant iridescent color, such as the scales of butterfly wings have a similar network structure of photonic crystals can reflect light and allowed to penetrate, in the light of different frequencies will change with different viewing angle. "

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