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Part No. : EM78P458AP
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Manufacturer : ELAN Microelectronics Corp
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If you do not know, I can tell you, the transaction is a set of SQL statements, usually because they are interdependent with each other, so in all-or-nothing mode. Only when all components of the statements are executed successfully, a transaction considered as a success; the failure of any one statement will cause the system should be "rolled back" to its previous state to avoid data connection / crash. For this, the two transfers between bank accounts is a good example. At the database level, such a transfer involves two steps: First, the transfer from the source account, the amount deducted, and then added to the target account. If an error occurs in the second step, the first step must be canceled to avoid the situation does not match. Transaction security system, the system will automatically withdraw a previous "snapshot."
Most PKI / CA system, the establishment of the market through use of mature technology PKI / CA products. Therefore, the specific PKI / CA project implementation process, PKI / CA system itself is not a lot of development work, just need the users specific needs, the product does not meet the required functionality, and process modification. The PKI / CA system testing is PKI / CA during the deployment phase of a relatively large amount of work. Because PKI / CA is an upper layer application system to provide security infrastructure, the infrastructure of the importance of a comprehensive test on the obvious.

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