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The end of 2007, North China Power Grid EAI project first launched a search engine, Autonomy IDOL platform, the project is based on the State Grid Corporation SG186 master plan for the project construction, Autonomy IDOL platform built for the North China Power Grid EAI search engine, you can integrate its internal 30 site, and OA system, mail system and other data, truly a one-stop search target. It is because of the North China Power Grid project, the successful implementation and operation and maintenance, to the national grid through a rigorous screening the relatively large-scale projects, continue to select Autonomy as a long-term partner. Autonomys technology through its own unique advantages of the successful projects for the State Grid Corporation of SG186 provides integrated enterprise information search processing solutions, not only can be done more quickly and easily search and access distributed information in a variety of enterprise systems such as OA , portals, documents, mail, content management, the information can also house a variety of business and information automatically associated, automatic indexing, classification, clustering, push other treatment.
The prevalence of this situation, although in the short term economic benefits of revenue-generating business is good, but long-term development is concerned, is not conducive to technology-based first-line operators and line managers training: on the one hand, because of the workers requirement is very low, largely able-bodied to many workers, by the friends, fellow and other relations introduced into the plant, easy to form in the enterprise, "the villagers to help." The prevalence of this situation is detrimental to the unity of front-line operator, is not conducive to the selection of grass-roots management; the other hand, in the machine in the context of large-scale production, business skills of workers ask for much, and that the training of a new workers more expensive than a new recruit workers that cost more. Therefore, companies do not want to spend more than the cost to develop and retain high-level skilled workers. This led to technical level of underachievement of skilled workers, wages will always increase can not be substantial, potentially exacerbated by the loss rate of skilled workers. On the brain drain, most companies think that the talent market oversupply, that left a legacy to a new, does not affect anything. This concept has great one-sided: the brain drain if too frequent, in addition to causing a variety of businesses to invest in the loss of labor costs, more companies virtually increase the difficulty of scheduling on-site labor, employment and employee psychological cause greater impact, easy to make the employees feeling of insecurity, the relative decline in enthusiasm for the work, a significant reduction in labor efficiency.

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