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Virus Name: Trojan / PSW.Wulin.ab Chinese name: "martial arts Thief" ab variant of the virus length: 180088 byte Virus Type: Trojan dangerous level: ] ] of platforms: Win 9X/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003Trojan / PSW.Wulin.ab "martial arts bandit" ab is a variant of "martial arts Thief," the latest variant of one of the Trojan family, after a packed treatment. "Martial arts bandit" variant of ab running, modify the registry, and boot from the start. Secrets in the background, monitoring the user to open the window title, if it is found the user opens the "Wulin", or "Perfect World," the landing window and steal the player game account and password and related information and data in the background will be the player sent to the hacker specified server, cause losses to the players. In addition, the "martial arts Thief" variant of ab can also be infected with malicious programs on your computer to automatically download and run automatically on the infected computer.
Chinas three major telecom operators are expected within three years, total investment in the 3G network 400 billion yuan. Despite the huge amount of capital expenditure, but in the RF subsystem solutions for wireless networks, a global leader Andrew pointed out that the 3G infrastructure, operation and maintenance of operating expenses can not be ignored. Andrew, director of the Global China OEM System Board NERA said that wireless operators and original equipment manufacturers the world is well aware of the pricing pressure. Operating income decreased, with increasing competition, companies had a more detailed review of CAPEX and OPEX to maintain a solid profit. China Mobile, the worlds largest mobile operator, plans to invest 58.8 billion yuan building blocks of 60,000 3G base stations, to the end of the year will cover 238 cities. China Telecom will invest 30 billion yuan this year to build and update their networks. The construction of 3G networks require significant investment in this series, and the amount of operating expenses to maintain the network will also be substantial. In view of these, the experts suggested that the Chinese wireless operators need special understanding of costs, but the path needs to continue to use high-quality RF components to ensure quality and to provide customers with reliable service. To help reduce deployment costs, the U.S. subsidiary of Andrew CommScope Solutions, a global wireless communications systems and products leader, developed a new type of HELIAX FXL coax. This low-cost coaxial cable as the outer layer of aluminum instead of copper tube material.

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