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Part No. : EL7642ILTZ
Description : TFT-LCD DC/DC with Integrated Amplifiers
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Page Number : 19
Manufacturer : Intersil Corporation
File Size : 494 Kb

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Network printing on a wide range of applications in the same time, people have a lot of new network print awareness, the word for the server, it may not be familiar with the LAN, the server is the central nervous system, it can connect to the network in each unit, and data collection, sharing and processing. ASUS deep as several qualified server vendors, has maintained a "ASUS quality, rock-solid" This reputation has brought us for a wide variety of quality of. ASUS AP120-E1 series server servers in the printer also has a good performance. Model specifications and pricing: Manufacturer: ASUS Model: AP120-E1 type 5U tower server processor INTEL P4 3.0 G 800MHZ Chipset INTEL 848P MCHINTEL ICH5R large memory capacity of 2GB of memory dual channel technology 4G maximum support high-speed hard disk drive specifications 80G 7200 INTEL Gigabit Ethernet controller chip network power 250WO.DD ASUS 52X CD-ROMF.DD 1.44 floppy drive
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