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Part No. : EL7532IYZ
Description : Monolithic 2A Step-Down Regulator
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Page Number : 9
Manufacturer : Intersil Corporation
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Methods POIFS main events of the system from the command line reads the specified named 05SummaryInformation OLE 2 document the flow, when POIFSReader experience this flow, it is to pass control to MyPOIFSReaderListener the processPOIFSReaderEvent method. processPOIFSReaderEvent in the end what is the use? It is obtained through the parameters of an input stream, the input stream contains the document title and other attributes. In order to access the documents properties, from the input stream to create a PropertySet instance, as follows: si = PropertySetFactory.create); this statement in fact, the operation consists of three steps: ] event.getStream POIFSReaderEvent obtained from POIFSReader incoming input stream. ] to just get the input stream as a parameter, call PropertySetFactory the static method create. As its name implies, PropertySetFactory is a factory class, which has a "machine" can transform an input stream into a PropertySet instance, this machine is the create method. ] method returns a PropertySet to create stereotypes become SummaryInformation. PropertySet As a general approach provides a variety of mechanisms for reading the attribute set, SummaryInformation is a subclass of PropertySet that SummaryInformation class PropertySet class action based on the Microsoft standard attributes added convenience methods. In the treatment process, many factors may cause errors, so we put some content into a try block, but this example is only the most simple manner in accordance with an exception, in practice, can best be there were different type of exception handling. In addition to the general I / O exception, there are specific exceptions may be encountered HPSF, for example, if the input stream does not contain a property set or property set illegal, an exception will be thrown NoPropertySetStreamException. There is a very common mistake, but not impossible 05SummaryInformation contain a valid set of attributes, but not summary information property set. If this occurs, the shape into SummaryInformation will fail, cause ClassCastException exception. Get SummaryInformation instance, the rest is very simple, just call getTitle method, and then output the results. In addition getTitle addition, SummaryInformation also includes other convenient methods, such as getApplicationName, getAuthor, getCharCount, and getCreateDateTime and so on. HPSF the JavaDoc documentation for details of all these methods. Eight, the document summary information Unfortunately, not all properties are stored in the summary information property set into. Many OLE 2 file another set of attributes, known as the "document summary information", the corresponding flow is 05DocumentSummaryInformation. Save this property set the type of property, including documents, PowerPoint slides the number of multimedia clips, and so on. To access the document summary information property set, the processing procedure and the cases are similar, but the goal should be changed to 05Do

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