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EL4451CS Datasheet | Elantec Semiconductor
Part No. : EL4451CS
Description : Wideband Variable-Gain Amplifier, Gain of 2
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Page Number : 12
Manufacturer : Elantec Semiconductor
File Size : 302 Kb

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Cost-effective 945GCM5-F motherboard is also in a variety of functions in no way inferior to other mainstream products. The board provides users with four SATA II interface and an IDE interface, all storage devices to ensure that users can find shelter in place on the motherboard. In addition, the board is also in the integration of graphics prepared for the user board 1 and 1 PCI Express X16 PCI Express X1 slot, reserved for the user to upgrade the vast space. In the transmission performance, 945GCM5-F provides 4 SATAII interfaces and 1 PATA. As for the video network functions, 945GCM5-F motherboard also will not let you down. This board integrates the few with the level of 8-channel HD Audio audio decoder chip, and Realtek 81111B network controller for the importance of family entertainment provide an excellent sound and fast Web browsing. 945GCM5-F Motherboard MSI-class material and workmanship for the user a full range of assurance. The processor board with a complete three-phase power supply part of the circuit design and the use of high-quality MOS tube and closed inductance. In addition, the key part of the power supply circuit board using a large number of solid organic polymer capacitors, with the large heat sink to effectively enhance the stability of the motherboard and extends the life of the motherboard.

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