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EL2074CN Datasheet | Intersil Corporation
Part No. : EL2074CN
Description : 400MHz GBWP Gain-of-2 Stable Operational Amplifier
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Page Number : 10
Manufacturer : Intersil Corporation
File Size : 227 Kb

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For example, suppose a companys network bandwidth, administrative host group and its operational requirements to provide enterprise contact. Therefore, the total bandwidth to the administrative department of planning to use, and business units use the total bandwidth of bandwidth. As shown above plan, so the executive branch to set configuration between the host and the host will have the same bandwidth and stable. The host will no longer be the host for one of the sudden increase in bandwidth demand and contain each other. Host for future expansion and will no longer have to reconfigure the QoS rules, as long as the personal bandwidth management through simple modifications to complete the settings. Since then like to use file transfer administrative staff, the use of the bandwidth than expected thereby affecting other users of video conferencing events like call quality will not occur. In addition, if the business when the new staff in future, but also do not need to reconfigure the bandwidth can also use the personal bandwidth management to effectively control the bandwidth of each user, can not affect the companys total bandwidth while meeting the business departments flexibility in the use of bandwidth.
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