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Part No. : EL2027CM
Description : Servo Motor Controller/Driver
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Fen live coverage of the press corps together ZOL CeBIT 2010 Aspect 1: The polarization serious AIC / AIB separatist CeBIT2010 AMD Eyefinity Wide DirectX 11 and 40nm technology concern that the 2010 graphics cards have two targets to the current view AMD in good condition, not only DirectX 11 product layout complete the process and completely changed the core 40nm. The other hand, NVIDIA, although based on Fermis products have been released, but for the GeForce series of products have so far play cat and mouse but not the tail. NVIDIAs next-generation graphics core Fermi always still holds partly concealed, type, specific hardware specifications are also broke the news recently, as more detailed product frequency, appearance or performance, it is estimated only after the release of March 26 be known. In this CeBIT2010 AMD, although there is no new product and technology demonstrations, but has ubiquitous Radeon HD 5000 series products and the consequent AMD Eyefinity wide area technology enough to attract anyones attention.
Although 19-inch widescreen LCD occupy the mainstream position, but the 17-inch LCD screen is still a large general market demand. Among them, the Samsung has an excellent appearance of a 17-inch screen LCD 732N & P are still loved by many people in the last week there have been out of stock of the phenomenon. However, the author learned from the dealer, this model has now arrived, and the price also declined, the current offer is 1780 yuan. In appearance, the Samsung 732N and 732N + is identical, have adopted a series of classic Samsung black glass diamond design, even more elegant, while the piano makes the 732N paint application is even more beautiful and stylish. Its overall shape is like Black Diamond series 19-inch widescreen LCD screen version of the popular 932GW. 732N and 732N + biggest difference is the contrast, 732N is milky white, a contrast ratio of 700:1, while the 732N + is black, a contrast ratio of 2000:1, while the milky 732N become more female users.

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