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As a close partner, and China Telecom, "Global Eye" platform provider, subjects carried out at the press conference "Move global eye" live demonstration of the client, access to the site within the network security brand Chinasec Jia awarded the 2008 China Manufacturing Information two awards in March 2009, Chinas manufacturing information in the fields most influential annual event - "The Third Annual Meeting of Chinese Manufacturing CIO and the 2008 inventory of the Chinese manufacturing informatization end of the year award ceremony" in Beijing. Be held at the annual meeting of the relevant state departments and industry experts, great attention and support, including high-Secretary Ministry of Science and Deputy Director Yang Wu Xian and many industry experts, manufacturing enterprises responsible for about 500 guests who attended the Annual Association.
Sogou search engine Sogou input method behind the hero. As we all know, Sogou input method and compared to the previous input method, the fundamental difference is that, Sogou input method for the first time a new word which search engine, hot words and the thesaurus to get through to ensure that the thesaurus is a network, dynamic, fresh Therefore, the Internet known as the input method. Sogou input method recently introduced in the clouds, also benefited from the credit Sogou search engine. It is understood, Sogou cloud input using Sogou search engine, ready-service architecture, Sogou search engine mature architecture system, Sogou cloud input team in a very short period of time to build a successful and stable and reliable delivery system, which to ensure the stability of the cloud on the line input.

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