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This device is a very simple organic compounds, can be set by electrical pulses of high or low resistance state. 500 times in the laboratory tests carried out, it demonstrated the ability to reliably change state. IBM researchers in this paper called "single-molecule system, a remarkable achievement area." Peng Zhen, general manager of the wave of server products in the wave of companies admitted to reporters, although Tissot aim at win, but the first person and has a reputation of Chinas Xu Yinchuan chess masters duel, and the new competition system will also have a game better human players Therefore, the game, the tide is also facing great pressure. Last week, the tide Tissot with five different Chinese chess masters duel, the new Challenge will introduce new rules, namely: race 45 minutes from the limit of games into 45 minutes for each side plus each moves 30 seconds. Challenge at the end of the last round, there is the master pointed out that "race is 45 minutes contract system, which is very bad for the people." Thus, Xu Yinchuans request, a new round of human-computer war game will use the new system. In order to meet Xu Yinchuan to the Wave, "Tissot" challenge was launched, the wave had many preparations, including: memory optimization, evaluation function adjustment. Lei Hu Jun, director of the wave of technology revealed that, as the wave of Tissot in the past and not with the chess master had a real battle, so by the country last week as the Masters with five showdown, the wave of Tissot also learned many valuable experiences In the new round of challenges before the evaluation function of the program are carried out with the new settings and adjustments. Hu Lei Jun said frankly that the first round of Chinese chess, "Human Race" Although the computer won, but not without weaknesses to be found, such as the experts "system of greedy," "Computer stingy unwilling sacrifices" and other issues have already been exposed . For the media before, "said the wave of competition in the" Tissot "is not a high-
The event, Sina prepared a large number of the active zone and the "Miss World"-related images for users to download, follow-up will also have ringtones available. National Semiconductor was launched for the majority of Chinese students in the 2003/04 simulation application design contest in China. The design work should be players from the United States National Semiconductors range of products, select one of two or more of analog components to complete their design ideas, products, including operational amplifiers, power supplies, audio, digital / analog converters, temperature sensor, CMOS sensor other six categories. Contest judges will be January 20, 2004 starting selection. Judge rules of the game from all eligible entries to select 100 finalists entries. Selection criteria include: technical level: choose the most suitable combination of the best components and design; creativity: the design of new and innovative ideas; simulation techniques: effective use of National Semiconductors analog components; more optimal sound and picture: the design can present high-quality audio and / or video output.

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