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Part No. : DSPH56362PV120
Description : DSP Simulater Reference Manual
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PPTP MPPE encryption technology inherited, MPPE encryption algorithm using RSA/RC4, which is a stream cipher. It should be noted that only when using EAP-TLS or MS-CHAP authentication protocol to use MPPE encryption. MPPE using 40-bit, 56 bit, 128-bit key in three different lengths. 40-bit key to provide clients with non-Windows 2000 for backward compatibility. By default, the connection establishment process, VPN client and the server auto-negotiation with the highest median key. If the VPN server requires the key bits than the VPN client can support even higher maximum key bits, then the connection request is rejected.
However, all the advantages described above, for SMEs, but all will be greatly diminished. In some ways, small and medium enterprises on the server is in fact more than large enterprises, more critical. In addition to calculation and management, the efficiency, environmental and other factors, may indirectly increase the cost of enterprises to use the blade. In fact, the demand for business development and cost, many SMEs have been concerned about the blade server. However, there is the user reflects the current blades mostly not suitable for many small and medium users. Blade server setup and not the same as the traditional rack-mounted servers, blade server does not have some of DIMM slots, so users may have to buy more expensive high-density memory, particularly the use of blade servers and virtualization calculations. I / O interoperability also must be considered because the blade is not always possible with existing storage area network and the perfect combination.

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