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Part No. : DSPB56367AG150
Description : DSP Simulater Reference Manual
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Hanbang intrusion detection system network intrusion alarm in time HBIDS HBIDS is Hanbang soft Branchs intrusion detection system, which can be collected from the network and host network information about the attack, and then to analyze the characteristics of a variety of attacks, and quickly identify a variety of comprehensive network attacks. The signature is based on the advanced features of the international library, and dynamic updates. HBIDS According to the statistics and pattern matching techniques to detect attacks on the current 34 categories, a total of 1000. HBIDS intrusion intrusion detection system provides real-time alarm function, so that managers can find time in the network intrusion to take appropriate measures to protect network security. HBIDS also provides a black list view function, so that administrators can quite easily see a number of particular concern to the invasion of host information. HBIDS using password authentication technologies, access to the system under full control, different users have different access rights, management of user passwords can be modified at any time, in order to avoid falling into the identity leak.
Alcatel Shanghai Bell highlight the Acuity integration framework consists of service control, traffic generation, joint control of several important elements, and describes the functional relationship between the various elements, it is a set of network convergence, service convergence and integration of basic services and management framework. It is through business, user, application type to manage network traffic and resources to enable operators to large user groups to provide increasingly rich bundled services, in line with the framework of the Acuity network processing capabilities with high-speed operations and to provide every service for each user customization capabilities.

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