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Part No. : DSP56001AFE27
Description : DSP Simulater Reference Manual
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According to China Securities Regulatory Commission issued in 2006 "to do with the new accounting standards on financial and accounting information disclosure related to the notice," Annual Report 2006 listed companies should disclose a detailed analysis and implementation of new accounting standards on its financial condition and operating results, Additional information should also be part of the annual report to "equity interest in accounting standards between the old and new reconciliation" in the form of disclosure of material differences between the adjustment process. Contains two sets of accounting standards of the old and the new Annual Report 2006, fair value, income guidelines and other factors have become the focus of the securities market and investors. Guo Jinlong old and new equity adjustments that there are five implications: the difference between the treatment of long-term equity investments change the use of fair value, changes in income tax expense recognition method, the recognition and measurement of financial instruments, including minority interests in equity of shows the way of change, and the same control
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