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DCP012415DBP-U Datasheet | Burr-Brown Corporation
Part No. : DCP012415DBP-U
Description : Miniature, 1W Isolated UNREGULATED DC/DC CONVERTERS
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Page Number : 20
Manufacturer : Burr-Brown Corporation
File Size : 454 Kb

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Electromagnetic leakage suppression and prevention of physical security policy is a major problem. At present, there are two types of protective measures: one is the protection conducted emissions, mainly to take on the installation of power lines and signal line filters with good performance, reducing the transfer impedance and cross-coupling between the wires. The other is to radiation protection, such protection can be divided into the following two: First, using a variety of electromagnetic shielding measures, such as equipment, metal shielding and the shielding of various connectors, while the water room pipes, heating pipes and metal doors shielding and isolation; Second, interference protection measures, that is, while working in the computer system, the use of jamming devices and computer systems to produce a pseudo-noise, radiation related to the space radiation to cover the work of computer systems frequency and information characteristics.
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