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DA108S1 Datasheet | STMicroelectronics
Part No. : DA108S1
Description : DIODE ARRAY
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Page Number : 5
Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
File Size : 52 Kb

DA108S1 Article About

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Features: Provides P / M exposure modes; can use an external flash and conversion lenses. P50 is Nikon introduced a new model, the same emphasis on shooting performance, inherited by the P series models with advanced features will be combined with the traditional style of camera features, technical specifications, slightly lower than the P5100. Uses a 1/2.5 inch, 810-megapixel image sensor, equipped with electronic VR Vibration Reduction System, 2.4 inch LCD screen. Although the technical specifications as P5100 P50 so powerful, but simple, convenient operation, can also bring about quasi-professional photography fun.

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