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Part No. : D8088
Description : 16-Bit Microprocessor
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The problem is that these companies guard the information we have is a good idea? If historical experience can provide some reference, then, the most worry the answer is, we may not have much choice. Concern in many areas, including the most important reason is, IT industry patchwork approach to network security. Like Microsoft, Google and Yahoo officials said, these companies generally use a standard desktop software security procedures for the new network. Sometimes, this can work, sometimes not. However, TDP is often unrealistic. PC and servers do not usually full load or full load operation for a long time. Kirk said that around the house like a week, calculated by checking the number of bulbs, like electricity. AMD server and workstation product manager, said Brent, AMD using the "maximum power" to measure the energy consumption of its chips, which marks the biggest chip to consume energy. He said that our figures are conservative. AMD believes it has the ability to solve any heat-related problems, so the maximum number of label their chips.
Recently, the rising global anti-virus monitoring network intercepted a vicious worm "Little Postman" the latest variant of the virus: "Small Postman variant C", the virus will randomly change message headers, to send out mass mailings to block the network, the virus will use is infected machines to launch a number of sites, "denial of service attack", resulting in paralysis of the entire network. Today, the virus has spread a large area in the United States, experts have warned that the virus anti-virus for domestic users in a timely manner. After running the virus will consume a lot of network resources, so that slow speed. According to analysis, the virus infected the computer, will appear under the system directory named "Netwatch.exe" of the virus files, registry entries from the start there will be named "NetWatch32" virus key, regular Internet users By looking at these phenomena, to determine their computer is infected with the virus, if there is, as soon as possible to take relevant measures to prevent the virus continues to spread.

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