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CY7C185-25VC Datasheet | Cypress Semiconductor
Part No. : CY7C185-25VC
Description : 8K x 8 Static RAM
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Page Number : 11
Manufacturer : Cypress Semiconductor
File Size : 205 Kb

CY7C185-25VC Article About

IBM Lotus Notes and Domino has a newly discovered system, a number of security vulnerabilities released a patch, the most serious security vulnerability is a buffer overflow, this vulnerability could lead to DoS attacks, at least IBM think so. Is the next generation of security software organizations discovered the security threats, and report it to the IBM, said the flaw could allow execution of arbitrary code, of course, this is a very serious problem. For security reasons, NGSS will be retained in the next six months details of security vulnerabilities, but Secunia has rated them as high-level security issues.
Banias chips will contain a number of power-saving features, such as "micro-option integration" function routine instructions and tasks to integrate, to save time and power to achieve the purpose. Chandrasekher likened this process were to take a taxi, which can save time and were called car fare. "Advanced branch prediction" function, then the processor better schedule tasks, and let the chips ─ ─ for example, different parts of the system bus and the WiFi chip ─ ─ can also take advantage of the situation is not the time being turned off to save power. "Can expect battery life will be extended at least an hour or so," Chandrasekher said.

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