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CY6264-70SNC Datasheet | Cypress Semiconductor
Part No. : CY6264-70SNC
Description : 8K x 8 Static RAM
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Page Number : 8
Manufacturer : Cypress Semiconductor
File Size : 253 Kb

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5, the new executable file / etc/rc2. d/S99proxyarp, steps: ndd-set/dev/ipip-forwarding1 arp-spppclient8: 0:20:1:2:3 pub; the ppp client name and address of the network card fill the corresponding bit in four, complete all of the above settings, restart SUN workstation. After rebooting, we use the query command interface, you can see ipdptp0 interface is started, but not up: lo0: flags = 849+UP, LOOPBACK, RUNNING, MULTI ] CAST+mtu8232 inet127.0.0.1netmaskff000000 hme0: flags = 863+UP, BROADCAST, NOTRAILERS, RUNNING, MULTICAST+mtu1500 inet192.9.200.1netmaskffffff00broadcast192.9.200.255 ipdptp0: flags = 8d0+POINTOPOINT, RUNNING, NOARP, MULTICAST+mtu8232 inet127.0.0.1netmaskff000000 hme0: flags = 863+UP, BROADCAST, NOTRAILERS, RUN ] NING, inet192.9.200.1netmaskffffff00broadcast192.9.200.255
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