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CY62147CV30LL-70BAI Datasheet | Cypress Semiconductor
Part No. : CY62147CV30LL-70BAI
Description : 256K x 16 Static RAM
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Page Number : 14
Manufacturer : Cypress Semiconductor
File Size : 301 Kb

CY62147CV30LL-70BAI Article About

June 25, from "China Entrepreneur" magazine, the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Legend Capital, jointly organized a two-day Tenth Chinese enterprises in 2010 "Future Star" at the Annual Meeting in Nanjing. Robin Li, Baidu Chairman and CEO to attend this event, and in a speech that the market economy environment, to do business is the best way to change the world. According to Li, said: "Actually, I was five years ago out East director of assessment of rising stars, five years ago in June, the fifth in Guangzhou, Baidu became the stars of the future. Two months later, We are listed on Nasdaq, the day of IPO, the biggest gain in a record, this centurys record of global capital markets, so far no one should be broken. does that indicate? that China has many opportunities that companies can do this is to say There are many, many such opportunities to change the world, to every one of us wanted to entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs of the gene. "
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