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CY62127VLL-70ZI Datasheet | ETC
Part No. : CY62127VLL-70ZI
Description : Stepper System Controller
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Page Number : 107
Manufacturer : ETC
File Size : 1108 Kb

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ppplogin: x: 1200:1045: pppclientlogin: /: / usr / sbin / aspppls; increase in b. Edit the file / etc / shadow, adding downward: ppplogin ::::::::; a corresponding increase in c. Ppplogin user can modify the registration password: Re-enternewpassword: 3, edit the file / etc / asppp. cf, reads as follows: ifconfigipdptp0plumbserverdown; start at boot ipdptp Interface interfaceipdptp *; for all the ipdptp interfaces inactivity-timeout120 peer-system-nameppplogin; with the user login name the same peer-ip-addresspppclient; with the same customer name ppp lo0: flags = 849+UP, LOOPBACK, RUNNING, MULTI ] CAST+mtu8232 inet127.0.0.1netmaskff000000 hme0: flags = 863+UP, BROADCAST, NOTRAILERS, RUNNING, MULTICAST+mtu1500 inet192.9.200.1netmaskffffff00broadcast192.9.200.255 the last line after the string of numbers is the ether of the network cards address, such as the machine To 8:0:20:1:2:3.
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