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CX82100-11 Datasheet | Conexant Systems, Inc
Part No. : CX82100-11
Description : Home Network Processor (HNP)
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Page Number : 226
Manufacturer : Conexant Systems, Inc
File Size : 1419 Kb

CX82100-11 Article About

ASUS TS700-E6 has multiple application servers and rich configuration combination provides users with targeted, cost-effective expansion of the full solution. At the same time, this server into the EPU energy saving engine, SMART-FAN smart fan, AIR-THROUGH hot air diversion structure and other proprietary technology reflects the high value of energy saving, help customers reduce TCO. Promotional period, complimentary ASUS Remote Management Suite to further enhance the management of application server features to help users create a more professional and efficient information technology platform.
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