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CS8130CSEP Datasheet | IXYS Corporation
Part No. : CS8130CSEP
Description : Phase Control Thyristors
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Page Number : 3
Manufacturer : IXYS Corporation
File Size : 51 Kb

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Open the box, we confirm with the preceding paragraph, this wireless router WHR-HP-G54 looks almost the same. It is also equipped with a removable black antenna, and both sides are dark blue. Both wireless router the only difference in appearance is the WHR-HP-G54-AP printed on an Intel VIIV logo. 125M wireless router WHR-HP-G54-AP WHR-HP-G54-AP 10/100WAN port and a standard four 10/100MLAN mouth. In addition to wireless router and wireless AP can do, it also support WDS bridging mode, can be used to increase wireless coverage. In order to facilitate the user, it is equipped with an external switch, through which the user can switch to ap mode and routing in wireless mode to switch between wireless router. In terms of security, this wireless router supports a variety of encryption methods. Because it supports AOSS, we only need to tap the body of the AOSS button on the AOSS feature to open it, it immediately began to use WPA, WEP protocol to encrypt data.

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