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Part No. : CS61574-IP1
Description : PCM Transceiver
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Security safe? Question whether the object is your own system, want to visit the site, or can not help but to click the link, we need the right tools to help you understand the level of risk associated. The following utilities can analyze the situation of these, and a reasonable assessment. AOL Active Security Monitor This simple, intuitive applications to view the PCs security status, the report findings and give recommendations. It can check whether the installed anti-virus software; If you have installed, the virus is not defined date. and then it will be the same anti-spyware software inspection, testing whether the firewall is enabled, check whether there may be dangerous point software. The monitoring software does not have any protection, but you can alert the user whether Some protection. But beware: the software can not work with Windows Vista. do not fully listen to the advice given it: the software claim that these fees as the AOL Privacy Wall of AOL software, its better than free software, in fact, may not be as the latter.
To adhere to the premise of separation to ensure smooth flow and application isolation in a transparent network products will be deployed in a wide variety of complex network environments and data exchange is often the key point, therefore, the product should have a high processing performance, not to be the bottleneck of network switching, with a good stability; intermittent conditions can not be there, there must be adaptable, able to transparently access network, and transparent support for multiple applications. The key lies in network isolation system to control the communication of data, that is not routed through an agreement to complete the interconnection of data exchange. Since the work of the network communications hardware seven the lowest level, and can not perceive the exchange of data confidentiality, integrity, availability, controllability, repudiation and other security elements, so this should be through the access control, authentication, encryption, signature and other security mechanisms to achieve, and the realization of these mechanisms are implemented by software.

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