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CS61535A-IP1 Datasheet | Cirrus Logic
Part No. : CS61535A-IP1
Description : T1/E1 LINE INTERFACE
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Page Number : 48
Manufacturer : Cirrus Logic
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Modify reports or create new reports need IT professionals. On the other hand, OLAP report business data structures, processes, algorithms and logic into the complexity of its multi-dimensional data structure, and then presented to end users-dimensional view of information easy to understand, so that they can in a very natural way to explore the business data. It sounds very complex multi-dimensional structure, it is not. OLAP data is not in the business structure or to add an extra dimension of data. Victoria is the only way to identify complex data, and very easy to understand way to present the data to the data consumers.
In 2005, one line from the head office to the provinces will have a branch network of the unified arrangements of the day vulnerability scanning mirror system V5.02. By scanning, network administrators can control the range of network vulnerability under the jurisdiction of the situation, and timely repair of vulnerabilities and system reinforcement, which reduces the worm outbreak of viruses and other security incidents. Peoples Bank of the mirror in the use of day 2 years time, the security management technology ladder, while the product also made higher demands in the hope of the combination of vulnerability scanning unit on the basis of risk assessment, asset information management so as to basis and help. Demand for these uses just launched in the days of Venus in the mirror was reflected in the new version. June 2007, the Peoples Bank has deployed the days of mirror products of the system and a large version of the full replacement of a systematic training of management personnel. The new version of the pedestrian environment both inside and outside the network using the results show that: Tin mirrors can quickly discover the network to survive and to accurately identify their assets, property, security vulnerabilities in the full scan on the basis of vulnerability to verify the existence and hazards to a clear qualitative security risk .

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