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Recent years, with the growing progress of social development, strengthening of emergency management, improve prevention and public emergencies ability to maximize the prevention and reduction of public emergencies and the resulting damage, to protect public lives and property have been in maintaining national security and social stability, promoting economic and social comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the important security. Regardless of the earthquake, snow and other natural disasters occur, or SARS, pandemic influenza and other public health event processing, scientific and efficient emergency management system have played a very important role. These emergency management systems have one common characteristic: that the extensive use of visual communication technologies. Exchange of information as a new way of visual communication with an intuitive, fast, informative, etc., can effectively accelerate the efficiency of information transmission and communication, greatly improving decision-making speed. In the earthquake, the PLA soldiers to enter the disaster area, the visual communication is through technology, on-site real-time image upload screen, so as to provide the most direct policy decisions and plans based on
China Network Communications, another smaller base of domestic telecom operators - Jitong limited liability company and the former China Telecom restructuring of assets from 10 northern provinces of China Netcom Group Corporation was formally established last week. Tian also served as deputy general manager of the group. Program under the State Council, the registered capital of 600 billion yuan will be the first to form the Netcom Group is wholly state-owned companies, and then in company operations and the listing process, the restructuring to become Corporation. China Putian Information Industry Group Company in July 2001 organized by the Ministry of Information Industry took part in the five cities of Chongqing 3.5G frequency of terrestrial fixed wireless access systems the right to use the tender, the last bid Chongqing Municipality, Ministry of Information Industry of radio access Authority issued by the Chongqing Municipal 3.5G radio frequency permits. In order to carry Chongqing 3.5G frequency of terrestrial fixed wireless access systems operations, in accordance with the "Telecommunications Regulations" provisions, the company initiated the establishment of the main Putian Telecommunications Co., Ltd.. Planning for the company at the same time, the Municipalitys 3.5G terrestrial fixed wireless access systems has been ongoing construction work has now completed a master work of tendering and network design, network construction is now being stepped up.

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