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Held in Beijing, China 2009 SNW conference, storage and security solutions provider Symantec, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. delivered a speech entitled "landing cloud: cloud storage implementation and application," keynote speech, the concept of "reliable, low TCO, reliable "store concept, and announced its latest SSD storage system, while demonstrating its implementation and application in the cloud storage, disaster recovery and application of the latest technology solutions. Huawei, Symantec hopes to provide reliable storage products and solutions to help enterprises in the current economic crisis situation to achieve a smooth and rapid development, and establish partnership with Huawei Symantec confidence in long-term cooperation.
a. Power-off your PC and insert your RTL8139 adapter. b. Boot-up you Solaris/x86 and login as "root". c. Copy the "rtls099.zip" into the temporary location in your hard-driver. d. UNZIP the "rtls099.zip" and you will get 2 files, "rtls" and "Install". e. If the PCI ID for your RTL8139 adapter is not VID_10EC_DID_8139 or VID_1113_DID_1211 or VID_1186_DID_1301, you can modify the "Install" file to match your PCI ID, VID_ABCD_DID_WXYZ for example, modify the "pci1186, 1301" to "pciABCD, WXYZ". f. Run the "Install" from File Manager to install the driver, and it will modify 2 files, "/ etc / name_to_major" and "/ etc / driver_aliases"

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