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CLC018AJVJQ Datasheet | National Semiconductor
Part No. : CLC018AJVJQ
Description : 8 x 8 Digital Crosspoint Switch, 1.4 Gbps
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Page Number : 18
Manufacturer : National Semiconductor
File Size : 218 Kb

CLC018AJVJQ Article About

The event is for the ASUS in terms of the project done before. But the original intention of this year, the starting point of the two companies are the same, so the two companies touch to hit it off, we jointly launched. In fact, the two companies have attached great importance to work together to do. And the other hand, more enterprises to participate in them, students can benefit more, because students need to learn more form the company. ASUS, a company to do last year, but this is not enough, this year, good companies like Intel, many students are very interested in, do the two piece, more effective help to the students, but also to more effectively meet the repair their needs.
Since the Asus brand and the price of more than two thousand points, so with GPS and PDA ASUS A632N features to now has been from the introduction of selling in the market. Now this product does not contain navigation software with double the price of 2,500 yuan, the price has been very stable, and there are friends like this product you can contact the following dealers. ASUS A632N the body size of 122 73.2 18.8 mm and weighs only 186 grams, smaller and lighter. Titanium silver body material, worn through the metal surface treatment, the overall color is gray, the front fuselage and the main operation keys only display, simple design. 3.5-inch screen with QVGA 65536 color semi-transmissive TFT touch screen against. ASUS A632N with Intel XScale? 416 MHz processor, with Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC operating system, body memory 64MB, SD card or via Mini SD card expansion. ASUS A632N with SIRF STAR third-generation chip, the antenna is 25 25 mm rotating antenna. Elsewhere, ASUS A632N with removable 1300mAh rechargeable lithium batteries, full power continuous music playback time of up to 18 hours, continuing the navigation time of up to 7-7.5 hours. In addition, ASUS A632N Office also has a complete function, support Bluetooth 1.2 / Infrared / USB 1.1 transfer.

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