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CH7203C-V Datasheet | ETC
Part No. : CH7203C-V
Description : VGA to NTSC/PAL Encoder
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Page Number : 18
Manufacturer : ETC
File Size : 108 Kb

CH7203C-V Article About

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Queuing problem mentioned Bank, IBM Global Business Services China Ministry of Finance Business Partner, Miss Yue pointed out that the phenomenon of long lines is not really a lot of technical errors, but the process of changing to do is not enough. Example, the customer is not stratified, and now many banks have also been stratified, with VIP users, but can appear different VIP customers, private banks, public financial management, a lot of common customers, customers for these different tiered service provided is not the same. The eyes of the IBM, but business is not sorted out, so in practice there have been many fetters. Many of the procedures are banking point of view from the bank and did not take into account the customer experience, many business processes are very unfriendly. For example, the counter in the bank to conduct business, you need to print a lot of evidence, but also the customer one by one signature, all outlets are standing in a banks point of view the process to consider the issue. But in fact, as the end-users, customers do not like, because the demand for the simple complicated.

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