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CBT3384A Datasheet | Texas Instruments
Part No. : CBT3384A
Description : 10-BIT FET BUS SWITCH
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Page Number : 12
Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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STMicroelectronics Corporate Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, Greater China and South Asia on the co-Francois Guibert welcome positive attitude: "ST has been in the Chinese market for many years, we have established growing security patents Radware results further establish the application security leader in the field of behavior analysis business intelligence integration Radware application delivery solution provider announced recently received three U.S. patents, namely Patent No. 7,617,170 "Generated Anomaly Pattern for HTTP Flood Protection", 7624084 S. Patent "Method for Generating Anomaly Pattern for HTTP Flood Protection "and the 7,607,170 patent" Stateful Attack Protection ". These three patents cover systems real-time feature detection techniques, methods and means used by learning the user behavior of network service applications, analysis of deviation from the normal" man " behavior patterns, to detect botnets caused by the Web abuse, denial of service attacks. Once attacked, the system will produce an accurate, real-time features used to describe the zombie attacks, and block the corresponding zombie attacks, all of the above process, the legal the users traffic will not be affected. As online attacks become more frequent and complex, application security solution must be able to accurately lift the potential network downtime and the application of the abuse and other threats. Based on this, Radware investment in research and development of innovative and unique advanced security products, with the automatic generation of real-time signature, key application of the abuse of resources of non-vulnerability attacks and zero-minute attack protection.
Chinas consumer market, Microsofts general manager and online Wei Ching pointed out that previous XP and Vista users may have experienced security started using computers before the start of the desktop, you can also right click the desktop back to the original, but an hour will remind Users activate the time, this is not the correct activation of the situation. XP is genuine authentication mechanism was added to, and the activation technology is embedded within the Windows 7, Windows 7, a functional equivalent. Weiqing Jiang stressed that Microsoft has never "forced" through user authentication, XP anti-piracy technology is not mandatory, our aim is to tell the user, there is also such a risk exists. For the user, how to identify genuine or pirated Windows 7, Wei Qing introduced, consumers want to know his pirated Windows 7 is genuine, then one is to look genuine tags, COA label is one of the most simple and genuine way, just like you identify genuine bank notes as to help identify your computer is preloaded with genuine or pirated; the other is through the activation, the activation technique is a more intuitive way. This combination of both to determine is genuine or pirated Windows 7.

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