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C8051F300 Datasheet | Silicon Laboratories
Part No. : C8051F300
Description : Mixed Signal ISP Flash MCU Family
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Page Number : 176
Manufacturer : Silicon Laboratories
File Size : 1754 Kb

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PE 2900 Series comes standard with dual built-in Broadcom 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet, including fault tolerance and load redundancy, dual network cards to share half of all network traffic, especially in the server traffic is high, can effectively protect the stability of the server to play. PE 2900 Series comes standard with six cooling fans, 2 hot-plug redundant fans, always ensure that the system can run in the normal temperature range, which for the stability of the entire system is also essential. In summary, PE 2900 series server advantages: scalability and redundancy in the design is quite good, according to two manufacturers of data given the official line, and IBMs x3400 5U tower with a series of servers than the , and its big power out of each power supply 260W, the maximum amount of memory above 16GB, FBD DIMM slots and more out of six, six more cooling fans, the server maximum operating temperature is 35 ], lower than the x3400 5 ], the processor the case with the frequency of the same model, its price is about 2,000 yuan lower than the x3400. PE 2900 Series server Disadvantages: takes a larger hosting space, hosting space is tight is not suitable for bulk purchase of SMEs, in particular, require large-scale server clusters of enterprises. Dealers are now marketing on which server, priced at only 7,650 yuan. The server uses a dual-tower structure, a standard dual-core Intel Xeon 5110 processor, the core frequency of 1.6GHz, two cores sharing 4MB secondary cache, 1066MHz front side bus, and is equipped with 1GB ECC DDR-2 667MHz 1R fully buffered memory, expandable to 8GB.

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