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C8051F020 Datasheet | ETC
Part No. : C8051F020
Description : Mixed-Signal 64KB ISP FLASH MCU
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Page Number : 2
Manufacturer : ETC
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As a result, when the network under attack, GSN will be automatically through the security management platform security policy automatically issued to the security network of regional events, while the security policy will be automatically synchronized to the network, allowing the network to auto-defense . Second, the present, with the deepening of network applications, users are increasingly dependent for strong network, how to ensure the stable operation of the user network is extremely important. In the past, network security defense system, when the network is detected a user is a threat to the network or network attack, the user tend to be isolated from the network. However, the safety system does not automatically make any deal on the damaged system, you need the network administrator needs to take the user fix the broken system, this security mechanism can only be temporarily alleviate the pressure on network security. GSN found a threat to a user on the network, the first damage to the user automatically from the network to isolate the normal region was isolated by the system users onto the system repaired area. Repair area in the system, GSN will automatically repair the damaged system automatically until the system can properly through GSN security policy, which guarantees the maximum extent possible the normal use of the network.

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