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BZV55-C12 Datasheet | General Semiconductor
Part No. : BZV55-C12
Description : ZENER DIODES
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Page Number : 7
Manufacturer : General Semiconductor
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Note: I have little research on load balancing, I do not know whether other similar software such settings, its principles should be similar. CVS is a widely used, open source, network-transparent version control system. CVS users, the first to set up a CVS server, import the project in the CVS server instance, set the CVS project access control. The customer through the client to access the CVS server, customers can obtain a copy of the latest code project, submit your own modified code so the customer can be Internet, LAN or even the machine to access the CVS server. Below, I take you in the Linux environment, set up a CVS server, hoping to learn CVS server set up you want to bring some friends to help.
EPoX BG1 with G31 + ICH7 chipset, compared to the previous generation chipset, G31 has three characteristics: 1. Support the 1333MHz FSB Core Duo CPU, although some manufacturers have announced support for 1333MHz FSB on the generation of P965, 945 series of motherboards, but these are in overclocking motherboard FSB, PCI-E graphics card, memory interface, such as the frequency will be followed up, leading graphics card, memory and other parts of job insecurity, while overclocking the chip will lead to increased heat will affect the entire life of the motherboard. The G31 is already native support for 1333MHz FSB, you can rest assured that use. 2.G31 support future 45nm Wolfdale / Yorkfield CPU. Some sites have been given a 45nm Wolfdale / Yorkfield CPUs sample, the test down and people feel very surprised, results improve a lot. The latest RoadMap shows that the second half of next years 45nm Core 2 CPU will become the mainstream, more performance, lower power consumption. 3.G31 integrated X3100 graphics, is by far the strongest out of intel integrated graphics.

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