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BTS132 Datasheet | Siemens Semiconductor Group
Part No. : BTS132
Description : TEMPFET (N channel Logic level Enhancement mode Temperature sensor with thyristor characteristic)
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Page Number : 9
Manufacturer : Siemens Semiconductor Group
File Size : 290 Kb

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Onda A69T M-ATX motherboard with a version of type, based on the AMD 690G + SB600 chipset with integrated X1250 graphics core, supports a full range of AMD AM2 interface processor. As a result of the latest 80nm process technology, the core temperature is lower, so use only passive cooling aluminum heat sinks. In the power supply section, Onda A69T board adopted the current mainstream three loop power supply design, and Fujitsu with a yellow full-closed solid-state capacitors and inductors, can provide a more pure the processor current. Onda A69T motherboard provides four DIMM slots support up to 8GB of dual-channel DDR2-800 memory, for memory expansion, we can rest assured, four memory slots is sufficient. After all the recent low price of memory, 2GB of memory is nothing but 400, you can buy two 1GB dual-channel system memory formation, can effectively improve memory bandwidth. Although the integrated X1250 graphics core, but the board still provides a PCI-E 16X slot and 2 PCI slots, user-friendly in the future to upgrade graphics card and connected to other hardware. Although targeting the low end, but still Onda A69T a dual BIOS motherboard design, to avoid a single system BIOS can not start the embarrassment of damage. The mainboard provides 4 SATA ports and an IDE interface, the user is already sufficient.

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