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Avoid too much in the startup inrush current, AS1301 provides soft-start function, in addition it also has overload protection, thermal shutdown circuit for additional features. The AS1301 is available now in 10-pin 8-pin TDFN or WL-CSP package, suitable for -40  C to +85  C temperature range. "Information security is not a company or units of technical problems, but management problems." By the Ministry of Information Industry Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Centers "Salon Series parts information - Information Security Seminar" at the center of the meeting Room, National Tsing Hua University Anke Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Gordon Chan suggested that the enterprise or unit of information security is not a technical issue, but management has been meeting more than 10 ministries and information technology experts affirmed.
Since there has been communication activities, security has been subject to peoples attention, so the invention of the seal, signature, password lock and other security measures and mechanisms to enhance communications security. After entering the Internet age, as information is not protected in the case almost across the network transmission, which the user has deepened distrust of the network, information security technology so born out. PKI is widely used in information security technologies. The principle is a mathematical formula developed from the encryption and decryption. Encryption and decryption using mathematical formulas can be made of two types of digital keys, one of the keys called public key public; the other key is called private key is kept by the users themselves. Since the widespread use of Internet e-commerce gave birth, PKI has become one of the basic skills of the Internet, PKI and its associated authentication center, can be said is essential for e-commerce security.

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