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Part No. : BTA20-600B
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Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
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In addition, the four read heads use the Dynamic Tracking technology to achieve the best state, in the process of reading the head position by the brake control; in the case of the tape is not a straight line to read the data in the narrow tracks. MR head technology, the AIT-5 is more sensitive heads can use technology to achieve higher storage densities, thereby providing greater storage capacity. MR technology storage capacity of about 10dB S / N higher than the MIG head, in use, improved track data for each output; to maintain forward compatibility of the product consistent. The AME III technology in the AME II tape technology further improved, new metal deposition technology and lubricant formulations, back coating technology, further enhance the operation of the practical application of the product stability. New metal deposition technology to achieve higher data throughput and lower noise; more small metal magnetic particles and smoother tape surface for direct contact with the head and tape to provide a higher density of the "sweet spot" . At the same time, further reducing the wear on the tape guide wheel, thereby enhancing the reliability of the product.
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