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Part No. : BTA08-600CRG
Description : 8A TRIACS
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Solaris has many common, popular third-party tools, utilities and libraries, which can be used in Linux. Given the growing popularity of Linux, third-party vendors to support Linux, the number is growing every day. Red Hat and many other publishers for the Compaq / DEC Alpha offers a 64-bit version of Linux. You can learn AlphaLinux Web site for additional information about this Linux. Solaris 64-bit and 64-bit Linux / Alpha use the LP64 data model, it can bring very good compatibility. Soon, Intel Itanium IA-64 processor can use a 64-bit version of Linux. You can IA-64 Linux Project Web site for more information about this Linux. A support for IBM 64 Wei PowerPC architecture Linux are under development. Please note, although SuSE Linux / UltraSPARC kernel run in 64-bit mode, but the SuSE Linux / UltraSPARC currently do not support 64-bit user space application. Sun SPARC and UltraSPARC processors store integers in big endian format. If you want to port applications to the small end version of Linux, then you must resolve any application issues related to client format, the application can run correctly. You can also select the application to use the Linux / PowerPC, Linux / zSeries, or Linux / SPARC, they are Linux / Intel platform outside the big end.

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