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Part No. : BT9485KPJ135
Description : BACK PANEL
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With the advent of the Internet age, I found a new technology but its life cycle is becoming shorter and shorter, that is, the value of its technology and technological development with the follow-up to technology innovation, the rate of devaluation led him to become very fast . We mentioned earlier a cafe business success in technology is only one of the factors, the relative cost of investment is needed, which means that as long as willing to input costs, will also be able to obtain the corresponding conditions of competition, so in the lowest order on the operation of Internet cafes The competition is "than with" others with later start than lose "than price" and, frankly, the competition is very boring very naive, to enhance the industry did not help. So go through the appropriate management to enhance the quality of service is the best way to enhance competitive advantage.
Those situations will be relatively common. Operating line may be employees of the factory, retail store employees, the worlds smooth cargo center, and all we believe that productivity has not been fully involved in the experience of these situations. Q: Do you expect there will be a part of the customer, to some of the original desktop version of Office staff, change only the network version? Elop: by definition there will be some, but I think the proportion will not be great. Because in our so-called business environment, we provide a rich client-side application software, combined with experience in network software, or very convincing experience. For example, our multi-user feature writing, there are many of us believe that we can improve the productivity function. Allow policy makers to understand these benefits as long as we do not think it will become the mainstream.

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