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Part No. : BT474KPJ85
Description : DC/DC Converters
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Manufacturer : ETC
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NAT network address decoder is a forward data packets in the IP address and simultaneous TCP / UDP port number to the IP router. To better understand the function of NAT, and NAT, we can imagine a small company, there are several hosts need to connect to the Internet, in this application system, a possible solution is to require each Internet host application for a public IP address, but to do so, on the one hand companies need to bear the cost of more expensive, partly because of the lack of IP addresses to apply for the new address is not easy. Using NAT, the company can not apply for so many public IP addresses, but in the company to use the internal private network segment address, when sending data through the NAT router, and then use NAT to convert the private addresses assigned by the ISP legitimate registered public IP address. In this way, can achieve multiple internal hosts to share a public IP address. For example, assume that this small company have more than one host, in its internal network using private IP addresses reserved / 8, while the company applied for the four public IP address: w, x, y, z. So when sending data through the NAT router, NAT can be statically or dynamically / 8 private network IP address of all maps w, x, y, z four public IP address.
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