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BSR33 Datasheet | Philips Semiconductors
Part No. : BSR33
Description : PNP medium power transistors
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Page Number : 8
Manufacturer : Philips Semiconductors
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Step two: Continue to check whether the DNS problems, on the command line mode, enter nslookup, then type www.ftedu.gov.cn DNS server can be found after the carriage return correctly parse out the IP address of to. The problem is not DNS on that. The third step: try to close the IP address tracking, that is, the command line mode, enter tracert The results showed that the packet routing information can be routed through the five devices. Step Four: Why IP address in the routing path near the area have occurred in such a big difference? Author in the case of frustration entered IPCONFIG, found that the current local computers IP address is still set when the company, sub- netmask Will not be the problem? IP address will immediately be automatically selected. After re-dial-up troubleshooting, you can access the unit normal at home server.

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