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BSP78 Datasheet | Infineon Technologies AG
Part No. : BSP78
Description : Smart Lowside Power Switch
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Page Number : 10
Manufacturer : Infineon Technologies AG
File Size : 332 Kb

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HDD Western Digital 160GB 8M SATA 475 graphics card under 699 Sapphire HD2600PRO GIGABYTE Ultra Durable overseas edition of the second generation of the P31-DS3L motherboard uses all solid capacitors motherboard, CPU part of the four-phase power to three complementary MOS per tube, so supplying luxury products has brought very good overclocking ability, according to the test, Gigabyte P31-DS3L Motherboard in the case of air-cooled Core 2 Duo processor makes it easy to push the FSB to 500MHz, in no way inferior to their overclocking ability at P35, although it is only with the ICH7 southbridge, but 4 SATA interfaces, a native IDE disk interface in full compliance with the needs of users.

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