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BSP76 Datasheet | Infineon Technologies AG
Part No. : BSP76
Description : Smart Lowside Power Switch
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Page Number : 10
Manufacturer : Infineon Technologies AG
File Size : 277 Kb

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cd / usr / src / linuxmake menuconfig make dep; make clean install; make modules; make modules_install The following script shows the process of configuring the kernel, I set the LIDS configuration options: Authorised time between two identic logs RipeMD-160 encrypted password : d502d92bfead11d1ef17887c9db07a78108859e8 Number of attempts to submit password Time to wait after a fail [*] Allow remote users to switch LIDS protections [] Allow any program to switch LIDS protections [] Hide some known processes [*] Port Scanner Detector in kernel [] Send security alerts through network [] Allow some known processes to access raw disk devices [] Allow some known processes to change routes [*] Allow some known processes to unmount devices Allowed processes: "/ etc / rc.d / init.d / halt; / etc / rc.d / init.d / netfs" Allowed processes: "/ etc / rc.d / init.d / halt"
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