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BSP752T Datasheet | Infineon Technologies AG
Part No. : BSP752T
Description : Smart Power High-Side-Switch
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Page Number : 16
Manufacturer : Infineon Technologies AG
File Size : 360 Kb

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"Modern enterprises are faced with the management and use of massive amounts of data to remain competitive challenges," Isilon Systems senior vice president of worldwide field operations, said Steve Fitz. "In particular, media companies, they have realized that the success of todays digital age depends largely on whether a company can properly use the data to promote enterprise development. Prior to using Isilon, Turner Studios DAS shared by multiple systems to manage their growing media content. Editing and client needs from different sites, using different methods in different systems to access media content. With the rapid growth of television services, a growing number of broadband projects high-definition programming, making the expansion of storage capacity becomes urgent.
Honeycomb vents, cooling channels between components, Smart Fan Smart Fan Technology ... ... when these norms to be applied in the same server, they formed a powerful cooling system ASUS, so as to achieve the purpose of enhancing the server stability. Of course, face different types of servers cooling Asus will add a different technology "assistance", for example, a little loose in space will be added ASUS 2U Server "guide hood" to help heat dissipation. ASUS server product quality has always been universally acclaimed, which is also its unique cooling technology has a direct relationship, after all, the excellent heat dissipation and stable operation of the system is to protect the premise. But different from other vendors thermal design, ASUS is not a simple cooling technique using a single, but by a perfect combination of a number of independent technology, to create a highly efficient and stable ASUS cooling system products, the ultimate success of the Asus "fortified" product quality.

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