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Part No. : BSP16
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Manufacturer : Zetex Semiconductors
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In Table 5, you will see the complete application code. Although longer, but simpler than the many examples of Sun. You can add to the application of some action and MIDP logic to practice your skills. This article describes how the J2ME platform, WAP pages and phone calls to achieve the function. On the difference between WAP and J2ME is not in the scope of discussion, the reader is free to access information. MIDP 1.0 does not provide the function of telephone calls. In MIDP 2.0 in, javax.microedition.midlet.MIDlet class provides methods to request platformRequest equipment to complete a specific request, the request content from platformRequest method parameter of type String url to identify. May be called to open a specific browser, wap page, can also be a phone call. When resources are available in the device, the system will MIDlet on the background, and the specific application, such as telephone program or browser to execute on the front. When the phone call can use the following form: trycatch here provides a simple example, tested on the Nokia 7610, successfully call the specified phone. package com.j2medev.call; import javax.microedition.io.ConnectionNotFoundException; import javax.microedition.midlet .*; import javax.microedition.lcdui .*;/**** @ author Administrator * @ version * / public class TeleMIDlet extends MIDlet implements CommandListener {private Display display = format = "* m" value = "13" />
or direct way to write phone numbers: call
IDC analyst Matt said, and evaluation of commercial software, enterprises according to pre-purchase cost, total cost of ownership, reliability, functionality, open source software on an assessment of potential tort liability and technical support level of independent open-source software the importance of some much lower. He said that the software is the software, functionality and reliability is the most important ] ] both open source or proprietary source software. If open source is more and more compared with proprietary software to its enterprise server, login, desktop, portable devices provide more opportunities.

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