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Part No. : BR93LC46F-WE2
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Manufacturer : Kingbright Corporation
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Chairman of the China Putian Information Industry Group as president Ouyangzhongmou. The main investor for the China Putian Information Industry Group Corporation, China Academy of Telecommunications Technology, Texas Instruments and so on. Ministry of Information Industry official said the authorities concerned, COMMIT China 3C will open the companys development of the industry into a powerful driving force. SingTel executive vice president of Lin Quan Bao said the company hopes to virtual network operator identity, in the Chinese telecommunications market share. He said the new telecom market in China, the main investment strategy will be more passive, mainly through co-operation with the Mainland carriers to provide regional coverage, and to China and other Asian cities for roaming services. He said the companys C2C is working with China Telecom and Netcom, the broadband capacity of business sales. He also said the new submarine telecommunications cable companys C2C, major competitors including WorldCom, AT & T and Equant, etc., but the joint venture between PCCW and Telstras Reach, because still in its infancy, its not pose a great threat. Lin Quan Bao said the company has no intention in Hong Kong acquisition of fixed and mobile telecommunications business, because Hong Kong is currently the market is not too healthy.

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