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BR9020 Datasheet | Rohm
Part No. : BR9020
Description : 1, 2, and 4k bit EEPROMs for direct connection to serial ports
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Page Number : 17
Manufacturer : Rohm
File Size : 187 Kb

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Second, ADSL line fault. Far from the room housing the Council, or line a serious source of interference nearby, can lead to frequent dropped calls. In addition, between the junction box to the ADSL Modem recommended twisted pair, even with parallel lines, nor should exceed 5 meters. Third, the indoor electromagnetic interference. Indoor serious electromagnetic interference, may also lead to communication failure, it is recommended that the equipment away from the ADSL Modem is not shared with the equipment of a power cord. Fourth, the card defects. The quality of a defective card or driver does not match the version of the operating system, can also lead to frequent dropped calls.

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