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BQ24703RHDR Datasheet | Texas Instruments
Part No. : BQ24703RHDR
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Page Number : 32
Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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Network data cable industry has been concerned about the characteristics of the skin, such as the skin can meet the standard fire or smoke, whether with high flash point, anti-burning properties, but it has the latter feature will be released in the burning of toxic gases halogen. Network cabling professionals and the majority of Internet users in different regions and even between standards organizations, there is disagreement. With the integration of voice, data and image as one, multimedia broadband, network integration era, more will be ubiquitous in network cabling, a correct understanding of the network data cable jacket composition and characteristics, for the construction of future networks and users of the work and life are very important. For the choice of network data and standard cable jacket, the North American and European standards bodies and manufacturers as they used to use UTP or FTP shielding products, has long been debated, refused to give. North America, South America, Asia Pacific and China all adopts standards-based cable fire in North America UL and NEC, are low in parts of Europe or the halogen elements halogen green cable standards.

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