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Part No. : BQ24202DGN
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Page Number : 14
Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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Find all the Find feature of the work function of the mechanism are roughly the same. For example, you enter a part of the model search function will return a detailed description of the corresponding part; enter a name, it will return the corresponding contacts of the contact address. Mobile phones also have the search function: Select the contact name, and this will show their phone number. LOOKUP function in Excel, there are two corresponding types, vector and matrix classes classes. Vector class one-way only in the single or the search for a given value, and the value assigned to a location specified in the table. In other words, you have to provide parameters include the row or column you want to search and return the value which the row or column. Application of a matrix type of LOOKUP is rarely used, Microsoft had this to say, "This feature is only compatible with other software functionality." In Excel, the matrix type of search has been completely replaced with VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP. Figure 1: The activities of all relevant data and community input in the table are just as said before, the vector type of application, you give the LOOKUP function to specify three parameters, namely the search value, the search range, the result in range. To explain more clearly, like me, you can create a file called "data" form, where I chose to put the data in B2: E4 range. Select the range, in the name field type "form." Here we are most concerned about is the column B and D columns of data - community events and dates. Select B2: B5 of the data, in the name field type "community event." Because D has the title column "Date", so a direct loan, select D1: D5, hold down the Shift + Ctrl + F3, when "a name" check box pops up, check the "first line", click "OK." Figure 2: Select the data range and name of the file to another page table named "Community Newsletter" in the cell B2 enter the page "= LOOKUP" you can fill in the D2 cell, "the owners of Club" Meanwhile, B2 showing activity in the date "July 7", enter "spring dance" will also display the corresponding date. But enter the name of the other two activities, B2 cell will return "N / A". Why is this? LOOKUP first need because all the data items as a search criteria in ascending order to function properly after a search, so in this example, the beginning of the annual meeting of the owners at the beginning of the letter Y will block the search process to continue the search to C and X at the beginning of the other two events. Figure 3: NewSpace news can be a new solution often standing for this situation, a solution is to click the "Data" menu, select "Sort" column B in ascending order. LOOKUP function that can return all the correct search result. More convenient approach is to use the VLOOKUP command to replace the LOOKUP command. VLOOKUP Unlike LOOKUP, need to set four parameters: the search conditions, data table or data matrix where the position of the column to be searched, and a LOOKUP need to solv
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