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MPLS, Layer VPN, scalability, security, manageability, virtual private network is a network using public resources to establish private communications network technology that enables enterprises to use the public network resources will be dispersed offices and customers, such as dynamically linked, so that network providers, enterprises and end customers all of which are profitable. VPN for network providers and enterprises involve great business opportunities, has become the cornerstone of a new generation of telecommunications services. However, traditional IP VPN network to achieve scalability, security, management and service quality assurance, and other aspects of birth defects large in urgent need of transformation. Traditional frame relay and ATM networks of the VPN While security is better, but there are also poor scalability, management and maintenance of complex defects. Multi-protocol label switching technologies, so that the whole Internet architecture have changed. MPLS VPN technology with the technical program will greatly improve the deficiencies of traditional IP networks, but also provide frame relay or ATM network, and the same security guarantees can be well adapted to the needs of VPN services. Therefore, MPLS VPN technology has been the United States "Telecommunications" magazine as one of 2002 Top Ten Technology. This article will discuss in detail the second floor of the network based on MPLS VPN technology implementation plan, and through analysis and comparison, the network VPN service providers and enterprises to make some recommendations.
The machine comes standard with dual built-in Broadcom 10/100/1000 Gigabit NIC network controller, dual network cards to share half of all network traffic, especially in the server traffic is high, can effectively guarantee the stability of the server to play. CPU Intel Quad-Core Xeon 5335 2.0GHz memory standard / maximum 2 * 1GB/32GB ECC fully buffered DDR2 hard disk type / number of 2 * 146GB SAS/1.5TB S5000P chipset to support more advanced technologies are now four-channel memory, and dual channel memory compared to more greatly enhance the performance of machine to ensure that processor performance into full play. And also can enhance the stability of the entire system. This model comes standard with a Xeon 5335 quad-core processors, with dual-core processors, quad-core processors used in a substantial increase in performance to some extent, while also reducing the load on the server, the server is more stability.

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