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As we all know, in a telephone communications, telephone users are identified by telephone numbers. Similarly, in the network in order to distinguish different computer, the computer also needs to specify a number, this number is the "IP address." The so-called IP address is connected to each host in the Internet distribution on a 32bit address. In accordance with the TCP / IP agreement, IP address expressed in binary, each IP address length of 32bit, bit converted into bytes is 4 bytes. For example, a binary form of IP address is "00001010000000000000000000000001", such a long address, people deal with it too strenuous. In order to facilitate the use of people, IP addresses are often written in decimal form, in the middle use the symbol "." Separate the different bytes. Thus, the above IP address can be expressed as "". IP address of this representation is called "dotted decimal notation," This is obviously easier to remember than the 1 and 0 much. Some people may think that a computer can only have one IP address, this view is wrong. We can specify a single computer with multiple IP addresses, so access to the Internet, do not think that an IP address is a computer; In addition, through a particular technology, but also allows multiple servers to share a single IP address, the server user looks like a host-like.
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